Made to Worship, Setup to Serve


Praise Team Academy

Too often we do not take the time to make sure that we have been preparing ourselves for service. Through music a proper understanding of quality, effectiveness, personal devotion are necessary for the application of the Holy Spirit in our worship then we learn to help to set the atmosphere for the saints to be ready to receive the word of God.

Artist Boot Camp

Here the artist will learn about the workings of the gospel music industry. He/she will learn to improve vocal skill, stage presence and preparation for professionalism.

Ministers of Music University

Here the M.O.M. will learn the important role of this calling. A Minister of Music is in direct and constant contact with the Pastor. In order to be effective this office is a constant flow between the Godhead, the Pastoral Leadership, and other music department members.

Musicians Arena

With the musicians deportment is everything. The musician is to honor God by playing skillfully upon his instruments.

Audio/Video Camp

How shall they listen if they do not hear? This department will learn the importance of using right equipment and preparing the word for sharing. The Audio/Visual Camp will learn the skills to communicate the word of God, proper construction, placement, function of equipment and the sensitive of the Holy Spirit and the artist

Worship Coordinator

The WC is that anointed person that is sold out to God. With a passion for worship, creativity, administration, detail oriented, and a love for people. The Worship Coordinator is the glue that pulls it all together by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hostess, Greeters, Ushers

This track seeks to foster a better understanding of the roles of the Host/Hostess, Usher & Greeter from the perspective that worship begins at the door, and Hosts/Hostesses, Ushers & Greeters are the first line of defense. Consideration will be given to the biblical origins of this role, the importance in being a part of the welcome and assimilation of members and guests, and strategies to create an environment of warmth and friendliness.

Children’s Ministry Training

Due to the fact that children are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today, ministering to children is not only vital, it is a necessity. Individuals who have a heart to work with children will be taught how to develop an effective ministry to children. It will inspire, encourage, and provide the tools and knowledge to minister effectively to children. Subjects include: How to structure a Children’s Church Service; Leading Children in Praise and Worship; Teaching the Word of God to Children; Encouraging Creativity in Children in Worship; and more.

Transformational Church

Transformational Church Training seeks to teach pastors to begin new churches and transition existing churches from the traditional model of measurement – bodies, budget, and buildings – to a model that emphasizes, accountability, discipleship, mission, and spiritual maturity. It also seeks to help these pastors to assess the seven key characteristics of transformational churches and develop strategies for strengthening areas of weakness.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry Track is designed to provide a deeper foundation for those called to Youth and Young Adult Ministry. Ministry leaders are reminded that many habits and beliefs are developed during the ages of 10-25.

ASL –Deaf Ministry

Deaf Ministry. It is amazing to minister to those who understand a different language. Our staff will help you to apply your worship to ASL (American Sign Language) so that the deaf community can worship with you.

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